“Downtown Bethesda Area Row” Homes

"Bethesda Row Home" Marketing

Get it!   That's one of the goals of and other supporting Koitzgroup web property. If you live in Edgemoor, hello again!  Battery Park, Greenwich Forest, and the rest of our intown Bethesda neighbors, it's always a pleasure.

We Live and Love, eat, sleep Downtown Bethesda...

. To be honest our love is "conditional" - the recent construction projects hasn't always been "fun". The "gotcha" parking ticket doesn't illicit a lot of good will...

 Our legacy selling Greater Bethesda Modern homes

...for example, has brought us to places like Annapolis for home selling counsel.  But we refer these opportunities out to another "tried and true realtor" who's able to be "close".

Co-listing properties? sure we do, with the right agent(s).

Marketing On A Grander Scale

Tirelessly creating new opportunity through holistic / opportunistic marketing, Kevin Koitz (that's me), CMO, and Co-Founder of the Koitz Group, has another program for - a piece of a Global home marketing program "ELEV8" home selling counsel:  distinct marketing services where measurement of our efforts are transparent. Meaning, you see our efforts and the results of those efforts in real-time.

We know our voices and weekly reports have to supplement "a machine". But home buyers and sellers see too much smoke and Mirrors. The way we live is the way we make ourselves different. We're not going to tell you what you want to hear (although we strive to deliver "good news"). Sharing Marketing efforts is just one way to harness technology for "good". We earn trust, then we earn it "more" by living our words.

"The International Reach"

We make it clear we have the "International Reach".   And that "Global reach" serves no one if your agent knows where to reach. With some of the unique homes, sales require an intelligent tenacity. Our global reach is a global hug. The difference between a reach and a hug is knowing that your home is the brand. And that marketing your home doesn't fit into a template. I'm not saying I always capture the perfect "narrative" of your home, but if I'm never too far off.

We all can reach, but those who aim to sell your home faster aim to "embrace" the right buying pools.

Know Thy Neighborhood:  Edgemoor vs. Battery Park

We use cast a wide net but we use data to see who's been most interested in your style of home.  A post modern home in Edgemoor has to a different narrative and strategy than an English Cottage around the corner.

Beyond the smoke and mirrors is a the "real estate" of things.   That no marketing strategy fits in one box.   That secret marketing doesn't serve you best, it serves the broker.

Many other Luxury Real Estate Marketing Brands and agents try to sell you ideas of exclusivity. And While we honor many's desire to be discrete about their sale, we want you to know there are ways to market loudly without sacrificing privacy.  And that you deserve to be educated about these options.

Living in Downtown Bethesda?

If you reached this page then I know how to reach you :-) .  Give me a call anytime, visit me at if you'd like.  My warmest thanks for your time...

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